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Fiber Glass Helmets
- HDP Helmets ISI / 2925 / DGMS approved.

Also available in various colours.


Fiber Glass Fireman Helmets - ISI/2745 with inner fittings and neck protector.


P.V.C. Dust Guard with replaceable filter.


Single / Double Chemical Cartridge Respirator for Ammonia, Chlorine & Organic Vapours.

It is used to protect against hazardous dust particles. Metallic components are eliminated for added safety.


Disposable Cup Type Mask / Paper Pleated Mask.

It is used in Chemical, Electronics, Fertilizers, Rubber, Cement, Glass, Aluminium Mills, Steel Mills, Mining, Construction, Ship-Building, Textile, Carpentry, etc.


Fiber Glass Welding Head Shield.

Used for welders and general purposes.


Fiber Glass Welding Hand Shield with both side finished.

Used for welders and general purposes.


Face Shield - made from Clear / Blue Acrylic Visor in various sizes.

Size 9 x 9 inch , 9 x 12 inch or as per requirements.


EAR MUFF - to reduce noise level to the lowest - 'HT' make and Imported.


EAR PLUGS - CORDED & UN CORDED - to reduce hearing loss by high noise.

Make: 3M / BILSOM / E.A.R / EARSEAL.

The outer surface of the plug is smooth and soil resistant. It does not chafe or irritate workers ear & non toxic for maximum worker safety.



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